Looking for things to do during your stay? There is plenty!

This part of Sweden has such an amazing variety of activities to get up to. There is unique nature to experience, historical and cultural knowledge to gain, lots of family fun and good shopping. You could easily do a day trip to the coast or explore the southern inland of Sweden from where we are located, but in the nearby surroundings you will also find a bunch of drifty locals making our countryside bloom.
Below we have listed some of our activity suggestions. Have fun!



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  Thoragårds farm boutique      Fine art by Maria Ringström      Fröken tyg

A tiny little farm boutique with                   The local artist Maria Ringström                    This little cozy boutique sells
local produce, wild meat, fine                        runs her own little gallery out                   charming handicrafts, lots of fun
cheese and fun gifts. Find out                      here. You could buy some of her              textiles and beautiful home decor.
more-> Thoragårdens Gårdsbutik.              beautiful artwork, or just enjoy                     Find out more -> Fröken Tyg.    
the look of it. Find out more ->
Fine Art by Maria Ringström.

Alfreds Marzipan och Praliner        Starka Ulle                             Smedjan i Dansjö

Here you will find all handmade           This local and crafty mama creates fun       One of the big local farms have this
chocolate, marzipan, pralines and              and colourful clothing for playful                charming little boutique and cafe
confectionary. No preservatives or            kids. All made with caring hands and          where you will find local produce,
other artifical components. Find out           a joyful heart. Find out more ->                 cute home decor and good ”fika”.
more -> Alfreds marzipan & praliner.                        Starka Ulle.                                 Find out more -> Smedjan i Dansjö.


  Store Mosse National Park       Lake Åsnen                                Norra Kville National Park

Store Mosse is south of Swedens           With shimmering blue fjords, lush green       A untouched little piece of forest
biggest swampland area and its’                  fields and winding roads Åsnens                  with a magical vibe to it. Hike
impressive spread remind us of                wonderful lake archipelago is sure             through this land of fresh air, tall
the north swedish alpine. Worth a            to capture your hearts. Find out                  trees and moss covered boulders.
visit! Find out more -> Store Mosse.                  more -> Lake Åsnen.                                Find out more -> Norra Kville.

   Guided tours around Åsnen     Singoalla’s Cave                      Bokhultet Nature Reserve

If you are keen to get some extra               This is a spot that far from everyone        This place gives you the perfect
professionalism out of your nature              has visited. Despite its’ anonymity            break from the hectic city life.
experience the Åsnen Guides are              it is a beautiful place with a captivating       Its’ tall leafy trees differ from the
here to help you. Get either a guided            story. After a steep hike you reach           rest of the typical Smaland woods,
fishing or kayaking tour, or maybe go     a stunning view that is accompanied      and on a good day sun rays stretch
on an Osprey Safari in the Åsnen area.     by Singoalla’s Cave. Find your way          beautifuly through the leafage. Find
Find out more -> Åsnen Guides.                  here -> Singoalla’s Cave.                         your way here -> Bokhultet.


  Astrid Lindgrens World              High Chaparral                     Your choice of – Moose Park

This is the place where fairytales                Looking for an adventure? Look no        If there is one big family we are all
come to life. Meet all of, the famous         further! Once you have entered this           very proud of in Sweden it is the
writer, Astrid Lindgrens’ characters      theme park you leave reality behind         king of the forest! If you are looking
in this playful theme park with Swedens      and get to experience the wild, wild        for a personal encounter there are
biggest outdoor theatre. Find out               west. Lively shows and spectacular           several options. Find your Moose
more -> Astrid Lindgrens Värld.                enviroments. Find out more ->                 Park of choice -> Meet the Moose.
High Chaparral

    Little Rock Lake Zipline          Isaberg Mountain Resort           Kleva Mine

Take the chance to visit Europes’            This resort offers a variety of fun,             Discover the lake, shafts and dark
longest Zipline with a total of over          family friendly activities. Go on a               passageways of Kleva Mine with a
4 kilometer of lines. Experience the         Tree Top or Segway adventure,                 torch at hand. Bring a picnic lunch,
highland of Småland in a unique,         rent a MTB or maybe go crazy at the            go for the treasure hunt and try
adrenaline filled way! Find out                 adventure playground! Find out              some gold panning once you are at it!
more -> Little Rock Lake.                      more -> Isaberg Mountain Resort.                 Find out more -> Kleva Gruva.


    Gekås Ullared                              Växjö City                                     IKEA Älmhult

Gekås Ullared is Swedens’ most                  Tired of all the crowded shopping                Here you get the chance to visit
popular visitors attraction at the          malls? Växjö City might be an interesting     something else than your ordinary
moment. This gigantic superstore is        option then. The main street offers          IKEA. With the worlds’ only Bargain
mainly known for its’ good deals, but      a bunch of inviting stores and the lake           -store neighbouring the original
offers other fun activities too. Find           is not more than a 5 min walk away.      one you can be sure to spend money!
out more -> Gekås Ullared.                               Find out more -> Växjö City.                    Find out more -> IKEA Älmhult.

     Kosta Shopping Area    Östregård Antique and Flea market    Asecs Shopping Center

The Kosta Shopping Area offers a                This place is a must to visit if you                   This is definetly a place to go if
wide selection of shops. Design                    are in to flea markets at all. People                  you are keen on some good ol
clothing, hunting and sports gear, shoes     travel from far off to dig in to all                    shopping as we mostly know it.
and bags as well as designer glass.               the old things and good deals you                 Lots of stores, several places to
Most of this in the shape of Outlet!            can get here. Also, it is soo big! Find                     eat and a modern look.
Find out more -> Kosta Outlet.                      out more -> Östregård Antique.                             Find out more ->Asecs. 


     Linnés Råshult                          The Kingdom of Crystal            Huseby Bruk

This cultural reserve has been created       The Kingdom of Crystal is a local             Time stopped here a 100 years ago.
in an effort to preserve and bring to            area where handblown glass has                Walk around in this lovely land of
life the early 18th century landscape      been made since 1742. Here you will           history where the water wheel runs
of Carl von Linnés’ birthplace. You are      be able to learn everything about        the mill and the housemaid greets you
invited to an amazing travel back in               this beautiful craftmanship.                    in between sweeping castle floors.
time. Find out more-> Linnés Råshult.            Find out more -> Glasriket.                       Find out more -> Huseby Bruk.

Your choice of – Museum     Grenna Candy Cane Cookery     The Narrow Gauge Railway

There are a wide variety of museums       At Grenna Candy Cane Cookery              Interested in seeing the Smaland
and galleries to be found in our area.             you can not only buy delicious         inland from a different point of view?
Some of our favourites are: Smålands        treats in their picturesque shop, but    By taking the Narrow Gauge Railway
museum, Vandalorum Art and Design        also watch the cooking process or       you get to travel back in time and see
museum and the IKEA museum. Find             get a guided tour. Find out              the landscape in a slow, peaceful way.
the full list -> Museums in Småland.                more -> Grenna Cookery.                Find out more -> The Narrow Gauge.